Our strategy is supported by high standards of corporate governance, which we review regularly to ensure robust reporting, strong relationships with our stakeholders and to align our businesses with global good practice.

We understand that adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance is fundamental to the sustainability of our business. Our business practices are conducted in good faith, in the interests of the company and all its stakeholders, with due regard for the principles of good corporate governance.

The unitary board of directors is the foundation of our corporate governance system and is accountable for our performance. The board retains effective control of the business through a clear governance structure and has established committees to assist it in line with the provisions of our board charter. The board recognises that delegating authority does not reduce the responsibility of directors to discharge their statutory and common-law fiduciary duties.

We continue to review our governance structures to ensure they support effective decision-making, establish a corporate culture aligned with ARM’s purpose, foster sustainable growth and align to evolving best practice.

Board of directors

The board provides strategic direction and leadership, monitors the implementation of business and strategic plans, and approves capital funding for these plans to support a sustainable business.

Report of the social and ethics committee

ARM’s responsible corporate citizenship philosophy is underpinned by our understanding of the need to turn mineral wealth into sustainable economic growth and development. Through our business endeavours, we aim to act as a catalyst for local, national, regional and international development; make a lasting and important social, economic and environmental contribution to the developing regions in which we operate; and to achieve and maintain world-class performance standards in managing safety, occupational health, the environment, tuberculosis, HIV and Aids, and corporate social responsibility.

Summarised remuneration report

Our strategic objectives can only be delivered with the foresight, dedication and hard work of our employees. The company competes in a small talent pool for a limited set of skills within the global and South African mining industries.

The remuneration committee assists the board by applying a remuneration strategy that ensures a balance in attracting, motivating, rewarding and retaining human capital through competitive remuneration practices, while creating shareholder value. The committee formulated a remuneration policy designed to give effect to the remuneration strategy, support business objectives within the larger operating environment and offer a balanced remuneration mix in line with our goals.